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The Kings in Exile: A Flatbush Movie Palace

Planet PLG, which charts the goings-on of Prospect Lefferts Gardens and environs, is sending off some flares over the ornate but long-shuttered Loew's Kings Theater on Flatbush Avenue, about seven blocks south of Propsect Park. Those are some rare interior shots above. It's the last of the five Loew's Wonder Theater movie palaces in and around the city not to be renovated or reborn as a church, all of which are set to be featured this Sunday on A&E.

Sez PPLG: "We have a real bee in our bonnet over this once glorious theater. We think it would be amazing to have one of the city's most beautiful performance centers down the street from PLG." Brooklyn beep Marty Markowitz recently hinted at some sort of announcement in July, but if this 1990 NYT article is anything to go by, it wouldn't be the first time they tried to ressurect this place.
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BONUS FACT: Wikipedia (i.e., take with a grain of salt) says that Babs (the famous one, not the Curbed commenter), Sly and the Fonz all worked as ushers at the Kings growing up back in the day.