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Selling Apartments To The Kids: Mommy, I Want That One!

No, that's not what rush hour looks like on the Upper East Side, it's the scene outside a party thrown by former Curbed Development Du Jour 170 EEA. According to our anonymous tipster in Yorkville:

The "family friendly" building threw a concert and party in Carl Schurz Park where approximately 500 people were treated to a children's concert and mini-carnival. Gift bags included 170 East End Ave branded bottles of water, candy from Dylan's and a brochure for the building pushing its family friendliness. A nice gesture, but will it sell apartments? Supposedly a 2-year-old girl threw a tantrum when she found out that her room didn't have a walk-in closet, but other than that we're told everything went smoothly.
· Development Du Jour: 170 East End Avenue [Curbed]