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Starchitecture Sales Report: Astor Place BubbleWatch™

[BubbleWatch—get it? Ha! Photograph courtesy dogseat on Flickr]

Following the Wall Street Journal's devastating article from a few months back revealing that sales were lackluster at Charles Gwathmey's Astor Place Sculpture for Living, New York's S. Jhoanna Robledo digs in to try and find out exactly why. (N.B. the article is part of another mega-real estate VU. section in the magazine this week.) The reasons are all well and good—#1, Paul Goldberger did it; #3, those skateboard punks by the Alamo scare rich folk—until we come to #5, which audaciously declares that the place might be a hit after all. Ah, crap. What ever happened to good, old fashioned, no-holds-barred schadenfreude? Back to work, friends.
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