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28 Highrises Proposed for Williamsburg

The other shoe has dropped in Billburg. Quadriad Realty Partners, which has already proposed a 675,000- square-foot development called Williamsburgh Square with four towers of 38, 36, 20 and 12 stories on Bedford Avenue, has presented a plan that includes 28 highrises from 12 to 40 stories. (No, you did not read that wrong and it is not a typo.) Most of the buildings would be in the 16-18 story range and would be built in the area between Bedford and Kent Avenues from North Third to North Sixth Streets. The area was downzoned last year as part of the deal to allow highrises on the waterfront. Quadriad has many partners with political juice, including former Rep. Herman Badillo. The Quadriad plan would produce about 3,500 units of housing. Each of Quadriad's super blocks would have four highrises. The company only currently owns the Williamsburgh Square site. The New York Post reports that response from community leaders is not warm.
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