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It Happened One Weekend: Broken Records

1) They finally did it. The bankers have arrived in DUMBO, with former Goldman and J.P. Morgan exec Mino Capossela dropping $5.8m for two adjoining apartments at 1 Main Street. Says developer David Walentas, "If the buyers of the two condos used them as a single residence, the total purchase price would be the highest paid for a home in the neighborhood." Take that, Vinegar Hill! [William Neuman/The Big Deal]
2) More from Neuman: a Columbia prof creates a hedging system for real estate buyers and sellers during negotiations for a townhouse in Harlem?a sale which, would you believe, "set a record for a residence in Upper Manhattan." The hedge is useful, it seems, because "people don't want to buy a house at the peak." You don't say. [William Neuman/The Big Deal]
3) Shall we call it The Hand? A real estate developer has presented a plan to construct 28 towers, ranging from 12 to 40 stories, in Williamsburg between North Third and North Sixth Streets and Bedford and Kent Avenues. [NYPost]
4) A family passes down a genetic trait of digging through garbage to find things to furnish their apartment. Mom is so proud. [Joanne Kaufman/NYTimes]
5) An eager-to-rent bachelor from India finds trouble when he learns his potential landlord got "rubbed the wrong way." [Joyce Cohen/The Hunt]