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Curbed BuildingSpotter Answers: Lotsa Pairs

Make a brash statement like how rare it is to see two neighboring townhomes on the market contemporaneously, and some fair readers are bound to prove us a little hasty. So besides the West Village answer to last week's 'Spotter, we've linked to two other pairs on the Upper West Side.

1a) 10 Bank St. (above left) Nearly 4,000 square feet, of which 1,800 can be used commercially. Delivered vacant. "Perfect for the person that wants to design their own home." Asking price: $4.65 million. [Leslie J. Garfield]
1b) 12 Bank St. (above right) Clocking in at the slightly smaller size of 3,300sqft, this place is divided into five units, but will also be delivered vacant. As the commenter noted, the main photo takes some liberty, because the house isn't actually on the corner as suggested. $4.995 million. [Corcoran]

2a) 48 W. 84th St. Going for $4.25 million. [Brown Harris Stevens]
2b) 50 W. 84th St. Asking $4.5 million. [BHS]

3a) 312 W. 90th St. Going for $2.795 million. [BHS]
3b) 310 W. 90th St. Asking $2.7 million. [Massey Knakal, PDF]

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