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Curbed Reader Comments: Hot Threads

1) Nora Ephron's Love Affair with the Apthorp (69 comments)
"I am a Nora Ephron movie fan, I admit. But after learning that she liked the West Side only while living in its MOST luxurious building, maybe she deserves the East Side where she now lives after all."
2) Hey, That's My 3-Story Gut Renovated Townhouse (19 comments)
"Sleazy, but not unheard of, right? Both in NYC and here, in Boston. It shows lack of character on the part of the agent. The broker should fear losing their license, so they shouldn't let their agents do such things. Losers.."
3) Ask Curbed: Gender-Neutral on the Way In (18 comments)
"doorman is correct - until the English language invents a gender neutral pronoun doorman is correct and should not be offensive. Just as mankind is ok - doorman is ok."