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On the Market: Toy Factory Lofts Flip

A studio unit in Downtown Brooklyn's Toy Factory Lofts?the building of "affordable luxury"?is up on Corcoran's site, and it's the first flip try we've noticed out of this development. The 665-square-footer has a nice open kitchen with stainless steel GE appliances, granite and stone bathroom with Jacuzzi-style tub, central air and a washer/dryer hook-up. They toss in cable and high-speed Internet because they're swell guys, and it's all priced at $475,000. An emailer asks, "Do you guys remember what these H-line apartments were originally going for? Developers group pulled all the sales prices off their website, but I’m pretty sure that Corcoran has marked it up about $100k." We've already been bad with these numbers, so drop any info you've got in the comments field.
· Listing: 176 Johnson Street - Apt. 2H [Corcoran]
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