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CurbedWire: A Double Shot of Jade

Closing out the day, CurbedWire just wants to party...

· Jade Jagger held a launch party for her new building featuring "four varieties of Pod living." Shvo and Calvin Klein made the cut, as witnessed here in Patrick McMullan glory. The Observer also scored an invite and chatted up the attendees. Initial responses from the party had one real estate exec asking, "Where's the air conditioner pod?" while Elle McPherson wouldn't commit to buying a pod on the spot, saying "I live in London." Ouch. [The Real Estate]

· A tipster writes "Is it true the Carlyle Group has been busy buying up buildings on Ave A and 2nd, 11th, and 13th?18 buildings in all?" First we've heard, but maybe they are planning an Alphabet City Square. [CurbedWire Inbox]

· The sky is falling in Chelsea, per this warning from a special CurbedWire correspondent: "I was nearly leveled?literally?while walking by that big apartment tower going up on the site of the old Chelsea Flea Market at 25th and 6th Ave. this morning. Apparently some worker on a high floor dropped a long, 3-feet or so, carpenter's level over the edge of the building and it smashed on the street, nearly on the other side of 25th St. about 4 feet from where I was walking. Damn! So be careful walking down 6th Ave." Duly noted. [CurbedWire Inbox]