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Revamped WTC Memorial Design Unveiled

The Memorial V.2.0 plan for the World Trade Center memorial and museum has been unveiled. This version of the design keeps the waterfalls that cascade into the pools within the footprints of the WTC towers, but the names of the dead will be inscribed above ground. Other changes include the elimination of six below-ground memorial galleries and the ramps leading to them as well as doing away with a museum entrance pavilion on West Street. The cost of the redone memorial is said to be around $510 million. The plan was developed by construction executive Frank J. Sciame and keeps elements of the original design by Michael Arad and Peter Walker. The full Sciame report and more drawings of the redone design are at Something tells us this isn't the final "final" design, but who knows? More drawings after the jump.
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This is a new drawing of the "museum hall" showing a view of the waterfalls.

This is a cross-section drawing of the site with redone memorial and museum.