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Triple Mint Does The Atelier

Triple Mint does its thing and checks out the Atelier, located on West 42nd Street somewhere near the outskirts of New Jersey. Here's the breakdown, straight from the horse's mouth:

The projects in this area tend to be large and the street life is still very much a work in progress. But Extel's glassy Orion condominium has proved that there is a demand for new apartments with modern amenities in this location. In this part of town buyers can expect these large developments to function as self-contained cities. Atelier will have a parking garage, health club, pool, and rooftop lounge. Atelier follows the trend of new development websites that have soothing music, lots of flash action, and all the requisite bells and whistles. These websites look great design-wise, but from a functional standpoint they can be a real bitch?slow to load and not too user-friendly.
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