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How to Find an Apartment? Blog About It

[Apartment photo courtesy of jUSTINYC on flickr.]
How hard is it to find an apartment with vacancy rates under 2 percent in most neighborhoods? Difficult enough that one tries blogging about the hunt. Specifically:

I am tired of apartment hunting. its driving me nuts. so i am enlisting the help of whoever gives a hoot. or whoever wants to make some cash. we will offer $500 to the person who leads us to a non-fee apartment or if you are a broker, well, we'll pay your damn fee.The bloggers prefer a "nice size apartment in williamsburg or greenpoint or even manhattan" that is "bright...not dark, not sad, not gloomy" and that is on the ground floor and has a backyard or garden. Oh, and "no rusty stinky bathtubs." Picky, picky.
· Two Nice People Need an Apartment! [Looking for an Apt. Blog]