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Big Project Update-o-Rama: 7WTC Gets Moody

1) 7 World Trade: Everything's coming up Silverstein, as Larry appears set to land Moody's as a tenant at 7WTC. If the deal goes through—and those involved seem to think it will—the investors' services firm will take floors 13-27—that's 15 floors, for those scoring at home—starting in fall 2007. [Cuozzo/NYPost; Bagli/NYTimes]

2) Moynihan Station: Couple of new details in a Timesean overview of the plans for the new Moynihan Station and new Madison Square Garden: "The Garden would rise 50 feet, or nearly five stories, above the roof. The post office would move its remaining operations, and the historic stamp windows would be used to sell tickets to Garden events... The owners of the Garden want a major presence on Eighth Avenue — perhaps banners hanging among the columns, similar to those at the Metropolitan Museum, or an expensive set of electronic signs." I love this game! [Bagli/NYTimes]

3) Downtown 2010: Background on that confusing promisetecture from last week: it's part of a campaign to "paint a rosy view of what the area will look like in just four years." And do brace yourself: video of some sort is coming July 5. [NYPost]