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Reno-East Village Cultural Exchange

On today's episode of Crosscountry Cultural Exchanges, Polis' Lisa Chamberlain gets with her inner tour guide and takes some girls from Reno for an uncensored spin through the East Village:

They were familiar with Little Shop of Horrors (which premiered at the Orpheum on 2nd Ave. in 1982) and of course Rent (centered in the E.Vil.), but not up on graffiti artists Keith Haring and Basquiat. They had heard of Andy Warhol but not Lou Reed (both performed at the Electric Circus on St. Marks Pl.). They had never heard of Hari Krishnas (I took them to the Hari Krishna tree in Tompkins) but they did know who Allen Ginsburg was (he was at the first Hari Krishna gathering in NYC underneath the tree). The kicker was taking them to St. Marks Church in the Bowery where washed-up party girl Lexi was memorialized after she famously fell out of a window in a Sex and the City episode.We're still trying to find the young visitors' own blog entry where they snigger at Lisa's disappointing baccarat skills.
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