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Carroll Gardens Fight: Throw Grandma From the Building

First, relatives tried to boot them. Now, a buyer who paid $1.13 million for their home on Cheever Place wants to toss out two Carroll Gardens sisters, who are 87 and 89 years old. The Brooklyn Papers says the two elderly sisters may become casualties of ongoing Carroll Gardens-Cobble Hill gentrification. The sisters say they want to die in the home where they were born and raised. The buyer says he's doing what he can to find them a new home. A son-in-law says the sisters are "stubborn" and have rejected relocation offers. The eviction is winding its way through the New York City process. Interestingly, this is the same Cheever Place where a property was offered last year for "all cash and must take tenants in place." Small street, big intrigue.
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[Court Street funeral home photo courtesy of your pal matt on flickr]