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Rumblings & Bumblings: The Pimps Were Better

If it's Tuesday, and there's development, there'll be Rumblings & Bumblings. The questions below were submitted by actual Curbed readers. Answers, more questions, and stunning digital photography to in the comments below.

1) Hell's Kitchen: "Whats the deal with the southeast corner of 44th and 10th ave? The parking lot that used to occupy that corner is now a big hole with blue paneling around it. I e-mailed the Hell's Kitchen Neighborhood Association and they said its a new 9 story doorman condo complex. The block association is apparently pissed because its going to cover up the mural they paid to have painted on the side of 460 west 44th." Uh, you sure that's all they're pissed about (above)?
2) Gramercy: "19th and Park Ave. South: Been wondering what has been planned for this corner. About 3 tenements on PAS and one on 19th are being torn down."
3) Chelsea: "My husband gets his hair cut at the Service Station [137 8th Ave] and his stylist called him to say the building they are in was being razed for a high rise. Any idea who is going in there?"
4) Upper West Side: "What's the story at 120 W72nd St? The three store front is now completely vacant since Blades moved their shope to a temp location down the street at 158 W72nd. Lots of air space above. What do you know?" Blades moved!? Talk about burying the lede.