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City Has South Bronx Plans

[South Bronx photo courtesy jUSTINYC on flickr]

The South Bronx has been on the recieving end of many plans, so whether the new "South Bronx Initiative" is a good thing or an ominous development depends. Mayor Bloomberg is calling it "a vision for the future." It's not so much a plan, apparently, as an effort led by Deputy Mayor Daniel Doctoroff to encourage more South Bronx redevelopment by coordinating different city agencies. As for ongoing big SoBro plans, there's that $400 million Gateway mega-mall redevelopment by the Related Companies of the Bronx Terminal Market. And, of course, the Yankee Stadium deal itself, which is deeply unpopular with some of its Bronx neighbors.
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BONUS: Bronx Borough President Adolfo Carrión is defending the firing of community board members that voted against the Yankee Stadium plan, saying they don't share his "vision." He blames the negative vote from CB4 on "activists from outside the area."