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Revamped WTC Memorial: The Insta-Reviews!

Reactions, critical and otherwise, to yesterday's big announcement...

1) Michael Arad: "While I am disappointed by this change, I recognize the imperative to move forward and begin construction of the memorial as soon as possible." [NYPost]
2) Mayor Bloomberg: "The changes are not perfect, but they will make this affordable." [NYTimes]
3) Anonymous Curbed Commenter: "They have used 'budget' as a way to make design changes to the Memorial, namely stripping it of its experiential aspect of decent, contemplation, and renewal, to its 'picture postcard' version of two pools in a plaza. I'm sure that this experience could have been maintained while reducing and/or simplifying program in the Visitor Center and Museum." [Curbed]
4) Archinect Commenter: "seems like arad had no choice but to compromise. hypothetically, would you not compromise at the price of not having your design built?" [Archinect]
5) amNY Editorial: "Whatever happens, we're with on this crucial point: "Something tells us this isn't the final 'final' design, but who knows?" [amNY]
6) WiredNY Forums: "Ah well, whatever. It is just my tax dollars anyway...." [Wired New York]

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