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Curbed Advertecture Corps: We Have a Winner!

As announced in the NYT this morning by David Dunlap, the winners have been chosen in the Municipal Art Society/Curbed egregious advertecture competition, Shoot It Down. Let's go to the citations posted at MAS:

Winner (above left): "Liberty T. Rees wins the Shoot It Down contest by finding the best example of an outrageous oversized illegal ad. Her photograph of 1496 Second Avenue shows a beer ad draped over a residential building on the Upper East Side. City regulations do not permit such ads in residential areas, and the sign would require a permit from the Department of Buildings, too."

Runner-Up (above right): "For honorable mention, the judges decided on Patrick Moroney’s photo of the oversized sidewalk shed ad on a landmarked building at 459 Broadway. All advertising on sidewalk sheds is illegal, unless the sign is for an establishment located in that building."

Ms. Rees is invited to enjoy a $100 gift certificate to the MAS bookstore, Urban Center Books. Our thanks to all who entered; do check out the full gallery for advertecture in all its many glories.
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