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Red Hook is Hot and So is the Stench

Okay, so everyone has proclaimed Red Hook the new "it" neighborhood and a home's been sold to an East Village couple for $1.065 million. But you might want to bring a gas mask with you on your next trip down Van Brunt Street to hit up the Fairway. Red Hook blogger Callalillie reports on the "putrid" Red Hook summer fragrance you can't cop at Sephora:

There are pockets of Van Brunt Street whose scents could only be rivaled by crawling up a dead elephant’s ass during a heat wave. I am not the only one who has noticed this...Sometimes it comes in with the breeze. Sometimes it seems like it is coming out of the sidewalk. Whatever it is, the smell is inexplicably bad. It is also making its way in through our bedroom window.A reader notes that it may partly be caused by a factory dumping "fish byproducts" in the sewers. Tangy.
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