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Traffic Congestion: The Movie

Another week, another look at traffic. It's not Spiderman 3, but Contested Streets is a new documentary premiering on Tuesday at the IFC Center that offers a history of traffic in New York and examines things like (gasp) congestion pricing in London and Paris' Bus Rapid Transit. The film is co-produced by Transportation Alternatives, which brings us goodies like the Parking Spot Squat. They're happy to help you set up a group screening at home. We predict it will be the summer box office favorite of urban policy types everywhere.
· Movie Info & Trailer [Contested Streets Website]
· Fun with Parking Spaces: Parking Spot Squat [Curbed]

Bonus: We're not sure what a "bullet bus" is, especially on Flatbush Avenue, unless they dematerialize and reappear at the destination or levitate, but the MTA is looking at Bus Rapid Transit as a way to ease the traffic problems on Brooklyn's favorite congested artery.