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Off the Market: No Castelli for You

Prompted by the following email ...

what the hell is going on with that row of town houses supposedly being built across from Castle Village??? Just a big blasted hole in the ground... It's prime town house building weather, dammit!... we did a little digging and rather belatedly came across word that the three-unit Castelli di Cabrini development, which sported the Shrek-like rendering you see there, according to the Post, is on hold indefinitely. Writes Dakota Smith: The developers need to "restructure the construction financing on the project," located on Cabrini Boulevard in Hudson Heights, and decide "how, and even if, they will market the two remaining apartments." Only one of the townhouses, you might recall, was ever up for grabs. Oh, well, back to trolling the net for Shrek 3 spoilers.
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