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Rumblings & Bumblings Responses: Pimps and Backhoes

Answers to Tuesday's questions, straight from the mouths of readers, below. As always, more answers, questions, and stunning digital photography to in the comments below.

1) Hell's Kitchen: No news on the development at 44th and 10th Ave., last labeled as a "9 story doorman condo complex," but plenty of back and forth about whether the pimps actually were better than the "heartless scumbags" making all those shiny new apartments. Us, we're torn.
2) Gramercy: The word is Gwathmey on Park Ave. South and 19th. Gwathmey, as in Charles Gwathmey, sculptor of inhabitable living: 17 stories at 240 PAS to go with the penthouses at 260. More here.
3) Chelsea: Reports from the Service Station stylists appear to be mostly true. There will likely be razing, but the new building is not a high rise. Check it out here (and above). Meanwhile much debate in Tuesday's comments about whether the original querier, whose husband was the Service Station regular, should be glad he can't "get his hair cut" there anymore.
4) Upper West Side: Here's the skinny on 120 West 72nd: As of earlier this year, a proposal was in for a 16-story residential condo, designed by this report. "One neighbor argued that there was 'nothing ethereal” about the design,' adding that 'it’s lost on its way to Second Avenue, it belongs on the Upper East Side, it’s ugly.'" Harsh.
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