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Curbed Readers Comment: Hot Threads

1) For Recent College Grads, No Room at the Inn (59 comments)
"Dude, when did $2800 a month come to indicate a 'restricted budget'? When speaking of post-grads and apartment rentals, 'restricted intelligence' may be more like it, at least judging by the ones who have been moving in to the building I live in."
2) So Close You Can Smell the Monolithic Bargaining Power (56 comments)
"I love the city and Wal-Mart. These are not mutually exclusive ideas. -moved here 9 years ago and will never leave. Why must I go to 30 year old disease infested bodegas to buy a 2 liter of Mountain Dew then to Circuit City to get a Coldplay cd."
3) 28 Highrises Proposed for Williamsburg (42 comments)
"didn't these guys have an earlier proposal to re-zone the site that they 'own'? is this a the world's most egregious example of asking for the moon and the stars and settling for what they originally wanted. what a joke. the dept of city planning will look like clowns if they even consider this."
4) Revamped WTC Memorial Design Unveiled (32 comments)
"Could someone please explain what on earth could POSSIBLY account for the cost of this memorial? $510,000,000 is only slightly less than Calatrava's 124-story skyscraper in Chicago is projected to cost. How can a park cost this much?"