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Queens Plaza Update: The 'View' from the Balcony

Our previous run-in with the Developers Group development at Queens Plaza left us feeling a bit flacky, so to balance things out a bit, here's some bile from an emailer, who's, let's just say, not quite ready to accept the Long Island City renaissance:

[They've] inexplicably built some condos smack dab in the middle of Western Queens' worst Nabe's. Don't think that open house will do them any good - and certainly not at these prices.

How about 2 beds and 2 baths (1125 sq. ft.) for a mere $685,000? At least you get a balcony to check out the two adjacent strip joints, hookers, the noisy N and 7 right across the street - oh and the Riker's bus dumps the fresh out of jail here as well.

The site claims "As the neighborhood is changing and expanding into a cultural center, revitalized by the presence of the Contemporary Arts Center at P.S.1, Long Island City is emerging as the premier city of Queens." ... Please - it's nearly 2 miles to PS1 from this location.

The open houses are Sunday and Monday if you're looking for an excuse to check out some of that "neighborhood life."
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