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Neither Westway nor the Big Dig: It's Highway-'na-Box

The Times unpacks the somewhat confusing pile-driving that's going on in the backyard of Avery, Rushmore and friends. The short version: They're building a highway in a box (or a box for a highway) so that the West Side Highway can eventually be rerouted into this box from 59th Street to 72nd Street. The speedy development of the ex-Trump land into more apartment buildings is pressing the issue, because the road and the towers have to be built kinda sorta in concert with each other. The good news? Riverside Park South will eventually be expanded and spiffed up?we think?based on the added tiny green trees in the paper's handy dandy graphic here and above. And when have those little green trees ever lied?
· The Surprise in This Box? A Highway, Some Assembly Required [NYT]
· Avery Getting a New Riverside Friend: Rushmore [Curbed]

RELATED: While we're in the neighborhood, why not check out StreetEasy's summary page for the Avery at 100 Riverside? Fun fact: Average price per square foot out of 14 closed sales in the building was $1,267.