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Tower o' Penthouses: Is Something Actually Happening?

For a building that threatens to alter the future of New York City forever (or something), we've spent remarkably little time on Santiago Calatrava's 80 South Street project lately. Mainly that's because there's been nothing to report. Developer Frank Sciame wants his $7 million deposits, and nobody wants to give them to him. Case Closed. Until...

I was walking back from the river after lunch yesterday, when I noticed that there were new signs in the window of the shuttered lunch place on the corner of Maiden and South st. The signs now talk about having left due to a building demolition. Isn't this where Calatrava's tower o' White Elephants is supposed to be? Could it be that the tower might actually be happening now?Can it be? CAN IT BE? We'll go Nancy Reagan on your asses and just say no. But still, wow. Our pulse is racing a little. Please hold us.
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80 South St

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