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As the CHARAS Turns: Homeless Pawns?

Following up on our previous report that developer Gregg Singer plans on immediately scraping all the "architecturally significant elements" off the facade of the CHARAS/El Bohio building (né P.S. 64) at Avenue B and 9th Street, a reader writes: "I live a few blocks from PS 64 , and when I walked by this morning on my way to work, I didn't see any activity. Doesn't mean that something hasn't happened since tho."

Neither here nor there for the moment, though, because the Sun breaks news that Singer now plans on opening a temporary homeless shelter in the building, out of pure spite. How do we know it's out of spite? For one, there's this gem of a quote: "They are going to get a stripped-down building with a homeless shelter. If that is what they want, then fine." Then there's the fact that it will only be open until he's done suing over his right to build a 19-story dorm on the facility. Oh, and he's naming the shelter after a nearby condo where residents oppose his plan. Stay classy, Gregg Singer!
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