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Storefronting: Beer and Snacks

1) Ft. Greene: "So this bodega closed over a year ago. the sign on the side says it's going to be a bar and grill called Mullanes. I guess that's going to happen soon, as the banner on the front says it will be done in time for the world cup (whoops!). The front gate is so rusted that I saw the construction guys entering through the window. Maybe it's going to have a deconstructionist kind of vibe for the interior. Whatever. So long as it's done in time for the finals." [Storefronting Inbox]
2) Carroll Gardens: On rumors of CG's Al's Grocery converting to a jazz bar: "We're not looking forward to drunks sitting on our stoops or pissing in our already-truncated front yards." Dude: when you gotta go, you gotta go! [Brownstoner]
3) Union Square: Giorgio's Pizza on Union Square East appears to be flatlining. "Sign above store - 'store for rent'. The place always seemed to do a good business, maybe landlord jacked the rent and they walked? Shame as it's a great local spot and served pies on day of blackout until they literally ran out of ingredients...Anyone know anything?" Disc-o-rama, howver, lives another day. [Storefronting Inbox]
4) Brooklyn Heights: Westchester ice cream shop The Blue Pig will stake its claim on Henry Street. BBQ-desiring residents hopelessly crushed. [VittlesVamp]