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Brooklyn Olympic Sport: Beat the Downzone

[Photo courtesy of sarahgoldsmith on flickr.]

Is Beat the Downzone a new Olympic sport in Brooklyn? Sure looks like it in Greenwood Heights, the South Slope and Midwood. This much we understand: At least two South Slope highrises that would be illegal under new zoning limiting highrises have been green lighted by the NYC Board of Standards and Appeals. Build/don't build hearings are coming on three more buildings, including the Greenwood Heights building that sparked the downzoning. The issue is whether a building's foundation was "substantially complete" before rezoning. There are many charges of unsportsmanlike conduct, with holes being dug and concrete poured after the whistle has blown.
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Bonus: Buildings Department inspectors are flying around in NYPD helicopters to try to spot illegal development activity. So, far they've issued stop-work orders for illegal demolition in Williamsburg and in the Rockaways.