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Selling Shortcakes in Coney Island and Blogging It

Okay, so it's not news about the latest Billburg luxury condo, but the people selling strawberries and whipped cream on the Coney Island boardwalk are also blogging the experience on Coney Island Shortcakes. Reading it, for instance, we now know the guy from Shoot the Freak is named Antony, that Coney Island Shortcakes was on Fuji TV on Saturday and that they provided the wedding cake to two people married at the Mermaid Parade. (Interesting nuptial choice.) A whole summer of photos and stories from the Coney boardwalk? How about a live Shortcake Cam?

BONUS: What's Coney Island without all the skin of the Mermaid Parade? In case you haven't focused on the the visuals yet, there are many, many photos available via Brooklyn Record, Dope on the Slope, Gowanus Lounge and 2,300 flickr photos (so far).