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Development Website Insta-Review: 8USS is Shvo-Shvo

We had very high hopes for 8 Union Square South, the new Shvo-marketed building taking over the land once occupied by the dearly-departed Odd Job space. And could you blame us? The hype knob was turned to 11, as Shvo himself said, "The only thing I can say right now is we’re bringing something that is going to change the face of Union Square more than Whole Foods."

We were intrigued, but now that the 8USS website is live, our initial excitement has given way to mild disappointment and sassy pshaw-ing. The building looks drab and standard?definitely not a design that is going to change the face of anything, unless that face belongs to the Elephant Man or something. Plus, there's no sign of the promised "installation of moving lights that will grace the crown of the building." And the website copy keeps banging home the prospect of "unmatched park views," a statement easily countered by any visitor to DSW or Whole Foods' top-floor dining room. It's still early in the game, but there better be some damn delicious Shvookies if people are going to get psyched about this one.
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