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It Happened One Weekend: 184 Kent's Trail of Tears

1) Give it up to Joyce Cohen for our favorite Hunt column in ages. Can you say "tracking the 184 Kent diaspora?" We knew you could: check out a couple raising a 16-year-old in 184 Kent who are forced to flee to Fort Greene after once again being "kicked around Brooklyn by development." The humanity. [Joyce Cohen/The Hunt]

2) The Syrian Jews of Gravesend may have found a way to stop gentrification: buying and selling homes "for at least twice as much as houses of comparable size and condition a few blocks away." The homes are bought only "to be torn down and replaced with ever more luxurious mansions." And the cycle of life continues apace. [William Neuman/NYTimes]

3) Checking in on the opposition to the proposed 45-story Trump Hotel in Hudson Square, The Donald has this to say to those who think he's twisting the zoning laws: "They're incorrect. They're wasting their time. We absolutely have the right of zoning. All the plans are finalized. It'll be a great building." There you go, naysayers—happy now? [NYPost]

4) Interior design guru Susie Slesin takes a tour of 110 Central Park South (top) and discovers the smaller A-Line unit that, although lacking a dinette, is "probably fabulous enough." For shame. [Suzanne Slesin/Window Shopping]

5) The construction of a 2,300 home development by the beach in the Rockaways has caused residents and merchants to take notice. No, really. [City Section]