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CurbedWire: Close Call in the Slippery Slope

· More fun from Queens Plaza. Reports a tipster, "My husband went to the open house last night, to make ourselves feel better about plonking down $600K for a one-family in Astoria. It definitely worked. Those salespeople have no shame. They gave two of our friends (they were posing as a gay couple from Jackson Heights) a little promo book, a faux daily planner, with pics of luxe living at the building (stainless kitchen, roof deck, blah blah blah). One page in the 'diary' shows a map that actually implies you'd walk through Queensbridge Houses to get to the park on the other side! Also, they gave out a little list of 'nearby' restaurants, shopping, etc.--that's all in Hunter's Point, of course, nowhere nearby. And on the list was Ten63, the beloved cafe on Jackson Ave that got the boot from...developers. Duh. A thousand times duh." [CurbedWire Inbox; more at Fotaq]

· A tipster alerts us to this near disaster at a construction site at 145 11th St in Park Slope where "two construction workers were rescued after they were trapped in wet concrete for about 90 minutes". Both are in stable condition, but there has been no further announcement on the developer or the building. [CurbedWire Inbox/ABC6; see also Brownstoner]

· Take that Brooklyn! Home sales and prices increased in Queens and Staten Island in May, where "the number of existing single-family homes sold in Queens was up 22.2 percent from April through May and up 20.2 percent in Staten Island, according to recent figures from the New York State Association of Realtors". [The Real Deal]