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Cool New Thing:

Credit for this genius breakthrough is due to the Scandanavian startup Igglo, described thusly:

The Finnish company has photographed every building in Helsinki and combines these photographs with satellite images and maps... Potential buyers can earmark a building, street or neighbourhood they're interested in, and post offers online. This lets potential sellers find out how desirable their property is, even if they weren't actively considering selling. Buyers also receive an alert when a property in their earmarked building or area comes up for sale.While we wait for PropertyShark and Zillow to roll out this functionality here in New York, Curbed is proud to offer our own dazzling innovation in this space. If you've always had your eye on a particular NYC property, post about it in the comments and name your price. When a potential seller responds, please forward along our 10% cut. Everyone wins!
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