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Curbed Tours the Williamsburg Waterfront

Mayor Bloomberg broke ground on the Palmer's Dock development at 164 Kent Avenue in Williamsburg yesterday, although work on the site has been going on for several months. Palmer's Dock includes 113 units of affordable housing, but it's part of a 900-unit project with three luxury highrises being developed by the Toll Brothers called Northside Piers. This is not to be confused with The Edge, which will include three more towers with 1,300 units immediately to the north built by Douglaston Development. The NY Times became particularly disoriented, writing that 164 Kent is in Greenpoint. Uh, not quite. Our nifty map, above, shows the Williamsburg developments (but not Greenpoint). Pictures of each site after the jump.
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This is 184 Kent, the landmarked-unlandmarked Austin Nichols Warehouse building that is being converted to luxury condos. It's the southernmost of the developments.

This is the site of 164 Kent, which will be home to a mid-rise affordable housing project called Palmer's Dock and three luxury highrises called Northside Piers.

This is part of the site between North 5th and North 7th streets, where Douglaston Develoment's The Edge, with three luxe highrises will go. 184 Kent and the Palmer's Dock/Northside Piers site are in the background.

This is the site of the new East River State Park, which runs from North 7th to North 9th Street. It is slated to open next month. Also note the challenged state of Kent Avenue itself, which has been under construction for more than a year.