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Pomeranc-on-Allen: The Finished Product

When a tipster sent us a link to Rawlings Architects and informed us that some designs for Jason Pomeranc's Allen Street hotel were up there in the Projects section, we thought it would be old news. But then we realized two things: The renderings are far more detailed than the crappy pair on the Thompson Hotels site, and we've never actually put up pictures of what this thing is supposed to look like when it's done. So look above these words for projected views of the 18-story boutique hotel from the west and north, respectively. And for those who still complain that this project is wildly out of scale with the surrounding 'hood, the Rawlings gang is here to calm your worries: "Although 110,000 square feet and 18 stories tall, the building engages the city at a scale consistent with the existing morphology." Feel better now?
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