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Storefronting: Williamsburg Mex, 70 Wash Shopping

1) Williamsburg: It looks like cheap Mexican food chain San Loco is ready to expand out of Manhattan, with sights set on the BK. We all know how the 'Burgers reacted to that other food franchise that moved in, so how will they greet this one? Considering the love affair between hipsters and burritos, we'll say with open arms. [Storefronting staff]
2) Dumbo: An update on our one-time obsession: "A portion of the ground floor commercial space at 70 Washington has finally been leased. The space will occupy a high end clothing store called "Zoe" scheduled to open in October. I also hear a new phamacy will be opening up shortly..." [Storefronting inbox]
3) Flatiron/Madison Square/Grey Box: Tragedy strikes! "Lite Delights at 377 Park Avenue South has closed unexpectedly. Now where am I supposed to get good smoothies around here? Certainly not over at the Flatiron Jamba Juice?!?" God, no! The calories! THE CALORIES! [Storefronting inbox]
4) Upper West Side: A call for help: "who is replacing bombay at NE corner of 81/columbus? nice space/great hope is a new bet is another bank branch....can you put out a feeler?" Done and done. [Storefronting inbox]