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MUG Surfs NeWWW York

[photo courtesy of The Modern List]

For those of you mailing it in the rest of this week, today's MUG has a nice roundup of seven NYC-related websites that will help you kill some time until the whistle blows on Friday afternoon. The list really runs the gamut from a site called The Modern List, which bills itself as "a modernist guide to Manhattan ... intended for the design conscious interested in experiencing modern architecture, design, art, food and culture," to a site called Infamous New York Real Estate, which is about "address anguish: houses of ill repute or residences shadowed by shame, blame, and pain in NYC." According to the official clock, only 1 day 20 hours and counting until the weekend, so you might as well stop even pretending to work. You're not fooling anyone anyway.
· Newww.York [MUG]