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RGB Protest Orkestra Performs at Cooper Union

Sadly, our Curbed avant-garde music critic had a case of swimmer's ear and missed the free jazz happening that was last night's Rent Guidelines Board meeting. Luckily, the Times' Janny Scott was on hand:

Tenants filled the Great Hall at Cooper Union in Manhattan, armed with everything from drums and whistles to aluminum-foil roasting pans and handmade rattles. ... The bellowing and pounding had become so deafening that the stenographer recording the proceedings had to go onstage to hear Mr. Markus, shouting into his microphone, read the proposal into the record.
Another New York moment we let slip from our fingers. The final score? Stabilized rent can be jacked up as much as 7.25% on two-year leases and 4.25% on one-year leases. A reminder that even free jazz ain't free.
· Despite Protests, Rent Board Sets 7.25% Increase [NYT]