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Development Du Jour: 411 East 115th Street

Just a chamois cloth's throw from that self-cleaning facade project in Harlem, emerging starchitects Grzywinski Pons have another building that's making CityRealty whip out all the artistic allusions they can muster. While the design for 308 W. 116th St. was said to be "beautiful and jazzy and would make Piet Mondrian boogie," the drawings (right) for 411 E. 115th St., at First Avenue in East Harlem, inspired this line:

The 116th Street [side] ... has a façade that would make Donald Judd, a minimalist artist and an aficionado of protruding rectilinear boxes, probably drool at its sculptural quality, although probably scoff at its asymmetry.Other than that, the buzz phrase here at this 31-unit through-block condo is hott exterior staircases (call 'em fire escapes if you'd like). And if that isn't hott enough for you, catch the drool-worthy recaps of Grzywinski Pons Architects' recent duel with Arquitectonica at roving salon LVHRD: "[Two] judges (both young architects themselves) also broke into a debate over which of the 2 Grzywinski Pons guys they'd rather be dating."
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