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Freedom Tower Ready to 'Splay Into Color'

[Renderings via Lower Manhattan Development Corp.]

It wouldn't quite feel like a true ground-zero redesign unless we (figuratively) red-markered some renderings, now would it? And SOM architect David Childs assures us that this really is how the Freedom Tower's gonna look by?what is it now??the 10th anniversary of 9/11. More blinding art and gripping coverage on the other side of that link down there, but first, we listen as Tropolism remarks upon the most unremarked-upon part of the new prismatic design:

The hideous public plaza on the exterior. First of all, the entry to the tower appears to be a couple dozen steps above the sidewalk on West Street. What are those bleacher-like concrete jersey barriers rammed up against the pretty glass prism camouflage? Will security really let you sit there? The one thing that I think would be obviously improved upon over the World Trade Center's design would be the end of bland, stepped, program-free plazas.Kinda reminds us of that other stairway to nowhere. Loiterers' paradise!

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