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Now for Sale: "The House that Rock Built"

It's always interesting when developers market their new condos based on the former uses of a converted building, as if a completely gutted, renovated and luxurized structure bears any connection to the previous tenant other than an address. Well, maybe that's not so true in the case of the Hit Factory Condos (née the Hit Factory recording studio), because they also managed to leave the lettering on the building. Clearly, the emotional connection remains.

Ya know, we kind of dropped the ball with the legendary Hell's Kitchen studio, where just a couple of years ago you could waltz in (not really) and see Springsteen recording in a studio next door to 50 Cent. We thought we were keeping on top of the luxury conversion process, but, well, we weren't. Not only is the totally rockin' Hit Factory Condos website up and running, but the units are already up for sale through Stribling. Oops. So if you were looking to buy a 1,000sf one-bedroom apartment with "study" for just a shade over $1 million?or maybe the $4.25 million penthouse with 1,300sf of outdoor terrace space?we're sorry we didn't give you an early heads-up. Keep on rocking in the not-so-free world.
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