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'Apartment Hotel' Riles Prospect Lefferts Gardens

All is not quiet in Prospect Lefferts Gardens, aka, PLG. When we last checked on the nabe a couple of weeks ago it was to report a rising profile. Today, it's to pass along word about nastiness over a planned SRO--single room occupancy hotel--that local blog PlanetPLG is reporting alternately as a "flop house" or a "hooker hotel." We'll let PlanetPLG, which notes shared ownership of 205 Parkside and a "hooker hotel" in Clinton Hill, pick up the narrative:

"Prince Lefferts LLC", the owners of the controversial "hooker hotel" on Lefferts Place in Clinton Hill, share the same Avenue J address as the "Prince Parkside LLC" ownership group which is attempting to convert 205 Parkside Avenue in PLG into an "Apartment Hotel". While the Planet has consistently supported affordable housing, we weren't referring to low hourly rates.Across the Park, another nabe blog, meanwhile, is starting a drive to place protest phone to Council Member Yvette Clarke's office.
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