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Jade NY: Welcome to My Pod

Jade, the much-anticipated new condo-pod collaboration of Jade Jagger, John Hitchcox and Philippe Starck (with a little Shvo on the side), gets the Triple Mint workover today. Says TM: "Jade Jagger and interior designer Tom Bartlett seem to have been influenced here by a cool Mediterranean style that gives this a slightly exotic feel compared to all the minimal modernism going around--more Ibiza than Manhattan."

Meanwhile, the free-standing pods that form the core of each of the 57 two-bedroom apartments look like "polished jewel boxes when closed." We were having a hard time getting our minds around this until we cranked up the volume at the Jade NY official website. Totally makes sense now.
· Jade by Jagger 16 West 19th Street [Triple Mint]
· Jade: 16 W. 19th St. []
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