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Park Slope Armory Sports Facility Making Progress

We've wondered about progress on the redoing the humongous Park Slope Armory that squats on Eighth Avenue in the South Slope since plans were announced a couple of years ago to turn it into a big sports facility that emphasizes track and field. Well, from IMBY, a blog dedicated to that neck of the woods, comes a progress report on the $16 million effort:

Last year, the exterior of the entire building was extensively restored..The massive roof was completely removed down to it's steel support arches and replaced one shingle at a time...Recently they have been painting the interior ceiling and have begun the demo of the upper balconies.Don't grab your track shoes and run over yet, though. This the just the start of a 2-year plan to overhaul mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems.
· Park Slope Armory Sports Facility [IMBY]
[Photo courtesy of] Bonus: More Park Slope love in the form of an update to yesterday's item about rumors of conversion of The Pavillion Theater into condos. Turns out it ain't true, according to a totally well informed tipster who says the building is under contract to HID Acquistion Group, but that there are absolutely no plans to shut the movie palace and build condos. Whew. Now, residents can go back to grousing about sticky floors and too many noisy movie-goers.