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Ready for a Gowanus Canal Conservancy?

If there can be a Central Park Conservancy, a Prospect Park Alliance and conservancies for other parks, why not one for the Gowanus Canal? Last night, the Gowanus Canal Community Development Corp. presented an updated plan for Gowanus that envisions a strong focus on a "green" future for the environmentally-challenged South Brooklyn Seine. It also announced the formation of a Gowanus Canal Conservancy to lobby for public access to the canal and to help raise money and find patrons to clean up the needy body of water. The Conservancy may find that it has a lot of friends, especially among those looking to build luxury housing near the canal. After all, the affluent may not want to cozy up to the effluent that still pours into the canal every time it rains, so Gowanus Conservancy, here we come.
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