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Storefronting: R.I.P., Sketchy Flea Market

1) Noho: If you ever went to NYU and bought a bong, you're about to be devastated: "Anyone know what's up with the recent (and complete) demise of the sketchy flea market on Broadway at 4th Street next to Tower Records? The building next door (formerly housing Office Depot) is also empty - and not looking so hot! I say knock it all down! Please upgrade my hood!!! any info is appreciated..." NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Wired New York took notice, but no answers yet. [Storefronting inbox]
2) Lower East Side/East Village: The Le Kiosk espresso/panini/treats booth in First Park (right at the entrance of the 2nd Ave. F/V subway stop) will now be an outpost of 2nd Avenue Ukrainian diner Veselka. Pierogies to go? Interesting. [Gothamist]
3) Nolita: French clothier Lulu Castagnette has opened its first U.S. store, on Mulberry Street. Says Shophound: "Not up-to-the minute Parisian chic, but more middle-of-the road casual sportswear with an accent, and surprisingly affordable price tags." Now click and observe the horrors of mother/child dressing! [Shophound]
3) Lower East Side:"The bodega on NW corner of Rivington/Clinton was shuttered in, I guess, the past week. Makes the view from the east a little underbuzzed, what with 71 Clinton still sporting a sign." [Storefronting inbox]