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Celebrity Real Estate Wrap: Simmons does Morton Square?

1) So has Russell Simmons finally settled on a spread in Morton Square? Apparently so. Writes an interested party: "I have a friend in the building. I believe it's one of the Morton Square townhouses. Either that, or there's another Maybach-owning mogul who has had his car idling in front of townhouse #7 for the last month or two. Guess the high cost of gas doesn't disaude moguls from leaving it running." UPDATE: Another tipster emails, "Damon Dash has the townhouse in 1 MSQ." Hmmm.
2) If you're looking for a place with a special movie history, Montgomery Clift's former East 61st Street townhouse is on the market. The listing doesn't headline the fact that the home (asking price $5.5 million) belonged to the actor and doesn't mention that he died there in 1966. Clift is remembered for roles in From Here to Eternity and A Place in the Sun and for being into drinking and drugs. Marilyn Monroe called him “the only person I know who’s in worse shape than I am.” This is the first time the house has been on the market since 1966. [New York]
3) It's official. Martha Stewart is selling her Connecticut farmhouse on Turkey Hill Road in Westport. The three-bedroom 1805 house on four acres is listed at $9 million. The property includes two green houses, a carriage house and "party barn." Martha's gardens come with the house as do some of her home decorations, including a floor with a pattern she stenciled. When Martha moved to Katonah, NY, she dissed Westport, but we're sure her issues with the town won't be yours. [NYTimes]