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Kim's Video: Now Kim's Videogames?

The retreat of Kim's Video from the E.Village and LES has been bemoaned by self-loathing hipsters throughout the city. However, if this email is to be believed, there may yet be a glimmer of hope:

While walking the dog late Sunday night, came across the lights on in a space that used to be a laundromat on E 6th Street and Cooper Square (3rd Avenue). There was lumber and empty cardboard boxes piled outside that were mailed to the Kim's on St Marks Place; inside, the shelves were lined with video games, consoles, the works. Retro games, new games, boxes everywhere, glass cleaner, neon signs, even a giant Mario. Perhaps Kim's is opening up a video games store? Strange, yet slightly wacky enough that it could be possible. In the meantime, go back to your XBox.
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